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T4 Levothyroxine is effective in hypothyroidism treatment or the condition of the underactive thyroid. Some of its side effects include weight loss, tremors, sleep troubles, sweating, fast heart rate and anxiety. The allowed dosage of the drug should be consulted by a doctor and based on the regular measurements of the T4 level in the blood.

What is T4 Levothyroxine?

T4 Levothyroxine, further called L-thyroxine, has been invented in 1927 and included in the World Health Organization list of essential medicines. Being the manufactured type of the thyroid hormone, the T4 Levothyroxine is the synthetic T4 replacement hormone, applied for the thyroid hormone deficiency treatment. The medicine has not been created for weight loss, though it is taken for this reason by athletes and bodybuilders.

T4 Levothyroxine is effective in hypothyroidism treatment or the condition of the underactive thyroid. Some of its side effects include weight loss, tremors, sleep troubles, sweating, fast heart rate and anxiety. The allowed dosage of the drug should be consulted by a doctor and based on the regular measurements of the T4 level in the blood.

The thyroid produces T4 hormones which control the metabolism as well as the rate at which the body burns the calories and the oxygen. In other words, the hypothyroidism can provoke weight gain. When T4 Levothyroxine is taken, it boosts the metabolism and replaces the missing hormones. Once the thyroid hormone is balanced again, the metabolism is reactivated and weight loss is easy and possible.

How does T4 Levothyroxine work?

T4 Levothyroxine is applied for treatment of hypothyroidism and as a drug for prolonged thyroid hormone therapy. It normalizes the TSH, however that does not mean the drug can normalize the cholesterol. The drug absorption is done by the gastrointestinal tract, as well as the upper ileum and jejunum. This absorption is increased by fasting and can be decreased with age and by taking certain foods.

As a rule, there is a connection between the circulating thyroid hormones and the plasma proteins, where metabolically active is the free hormone. The thyroid hormones half-life is up to 4 days for those people that have hyperthyroidism, up to 7 days for people with normal results and up to 10 days for those that have hypothyroidism.

Research shows that approx. 80% of the thyroid hormones are eliminated by the work of the kidneys and the urinary excretion, while the rest of the T4 thyroid hormones are eliminated in the stool. T4 Levothyroxine is not recommended to people who suffer from acute myocardial infarction, people that show hypersensitivity to levothyroxine sodium and its components or people that have adrenal insufficiency or thyrotoxicosis.

T4 is taken by some athletes and bodybuilders who aim to lose weight or attend a contest. It is preferred when T3 cannot be found. Both Thyroid hormones T3 and T4 work as they increase the metabolism, increase the heart rate and the body temperature. When the drug starts to work, the result is burning of more calories and increased weight loss. Athletes should be aware, however, that the thyroid hormones are catabolic and thus could not be the only approach to the weight loss process.

According to an article by Dr. James Daemon, the levothyroxine spares the muscles and works in synergy with growth hormone. He athletes and bodybuilders take it when they are in the so called cutting cycles. In comparison with the T3 hormone, it is believed that T4 Levothyroxine is less harsh on the muscle tissue and the bodybuilders can keep their muscles while on a diet.

Is T4 Levothyroxine a steroid?

A steroid is an organic compound that is biologically active. It has four rings that are arranged in a specific molecular configuration. The steroids have two main functions in terms of biology. They change the membrane fluidity as they are part of the cell membranes and they signal the molecules. The thyroid hormones are derived from the tyrosine amino acid with certain follicle cells of the thyroid gland. The main hormone that is secreted from the thyroid gland is T4 or thyroxine. It is followed by another hormone that is secreted from the thyroid at lower levels and that is T3 or triiodothyronine.

T4 Levothyroxine is not a steroid but a manufactured type of the thyroid hormone. In other words, the T4 Levothyroxine is the synthetic T4 replacement hormone, which as a rule is applied for the thyroid hormone deficiency treatment. The purpose of T4 Levothyroxine medicine has not been invented for the purposes of weight loss, however the bodybuilders and athletes usually take it for that reason when they are in the cutting cycle. When applied, T4 Levothyroxine boosts the metabolism, balances the thyroid hormone and provokes weight loss. Certain side effects can occur such as sleep troubles, sweating and tremors, anxiety and fast heart rate.

How to take T4 Levothyroxine?

Many foods and medications interfere with the absorption of oral levothyroxine in the body. It has been proved by the journal Thyroid that drinking of cow’s milk reduces the absorption of the levothyroxine. It is believed that the calcium content of the milk and the protein interfere with the full absorption of the levothyroxine.

That is why when t4 Levothyroxine is prescribed, people are instructed to take it at least an hour before breakfast, as breakfast usually includes diary.

How to use T4 Levothyroxine for weight loss?

Many athletes and bodybuilders use T4 Levothyroxine for weight loss. But how does the metabolism work? When the metabolism is slow, the burned calories are low; and when the person keeps on eating the same amount of food, the person gains weight. When one has serious hypothyroidism, the weight gain is more serious. When one is taking Levothyroxine and keeps the hypothyroidism under control, this results in weight loss not more than 10 percent of the current body weight.

When athletes and bodybuilders take Levothyroxine for several weeks, their metabolism gets back to normal. A higher dosage of T4 Levothyroxine to speed up the weight loss process is not recommended as it can bring side effects including but not limited to angina, irregular heartbeat, heart attack, loss of bone mass and even osteoporosis.

Any abuse of the medication can result in overactive thyroid and thus hyperthyroidism. The drug can stay in the body from 2 up to 4 weeks until it fades away.

How to cycle T4 Levothyroxine?

Some athletes and bodybuilders take thyroid hormone aiming to speed up their metabolism and to reduce the percentage of their body fat when they are about to take part in a contest. This is harmless when done for a short period of time, however, in order to decrease the possibility of muscle catabolism, they need to apply a blood test. This test will show them if they are taking excess thyroid hormone while being hyperthyroid. There are three medications that can boost the circulation of the thyroid hormone and one of them is T4 Levothyroxine.

T4 Levothyroxine is a drug that physicians and athletes prefer as setting a proper dosage is easier and it is very rare for a body not to be able to convert T4 into T3 at a cellular level. In such cases, T3 can be added to the dosage. T4 Levothyroxine is a medication taken once a day. Many people take it the first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. There is also an option to take the dosage separated into two times a day for better absorption and easier digestion. T4 is to be placed under the tongue where it dissolves and is slowly absorbed.

Others claim that the drug has to be taken at least an hour before breakfast as the medicine does not work well in the presence of dairy products, that are usually taken in the morning. These people even prefer to take the drug before going to bed at night.

Athletes and bodybuilders should also be aware that the T4 Levothyroxine should not be taken with iron or calcium as these minerals bind with the thyroid hormone and thus the body cannot really use them. In other words, athletes and bodybuilders should avoid milk products one-two hours before and after they take T4 Levothyroxine. The T4 levels are increased by aspirin and propranolol, while its levels are decreased by taking methadone, lithium, and aluminium-containing antacids.

An interesting fact is that estrogen and progesterone bind with T4 and increases the levels of T3. Another fact to remember is that the anabolic steroids decrease the levels of the thyroid hormone. In addition, the thyroid hormone can suppress the insulin, which is important to be known by diabetics and bodybuilders that use insulin.

When to take T4 Levothyroxine?

Those that need to take T4 Levothyroxine is usually doing so at least one hour before breakfast, only with water and only on an empty stomach. After that, they should avoid dairy products. That is so as the concentration levels of T4 drop significantly when Levothyroxine is taken with milk. Several research makers have shown that the calcium in milk is interfering with the proper absorption of levothyroxine.

That is why many athletes and bodybuilders prefer to take T4 Levothyroxine at night with no other medications and when they have approx. 4 hours between the last meal and the T4 pill. 

What to take with T4 Levothyroxine?

In the ideal scenario, T4 Levothyroxine should be the only medication that is taken in the morning or better at bedtime. Research has shown that the intake of T4 Levothyroxine at bedtime decreased significantly the thyrotropin levels and increased the free thyroxine and the total triiodothyronine levels. It is advisable to avoid co-administration with other medications such as blood pressure drugs, statins and metformin. The drugs that can interfere with the way the T4 Levothyroxine is absorbed include calcium, iron supplements, cholesterol drugs, antacids. Thus, these particular drugs shall be taken at least four hours before or after T4 Levothyroxine is taken.

In other words, the drugs that impair the levothyroxine absorption are the drugs that include aluminium-containing antacids, calcium carbonate, iron supplements, sucralfate. Among the drugs in this group should be added sevelamer, cholestyramine, raloxifene, orlistat and ciprofloxacin.

Which is the right T4 Levothyroxine dosage?

When taking T4 Levothyroxine, adults usually start with a dosage between 50 and 100 micrograms, taken one time a day. This dosage is then slightly increased in the following weeks to reach a dosage between 100 and 200 micrograms, again taken once per day. People that are over their t0’s or have a heart disease can start on a lower dosage.

Athletes and bodybuilders that often start with a T4 Levothyroxine dosage of 1.6 mg/kg of body weight. It seems that the age, the individual condition and health status, as well as the body weight and the diet affect the dosage of T4 Levothyroxine. Among the other predictors of the needed dosage are the sex, the etiology and the deiodinase activity of the hypothyroidism. That is why an annual clinical tests and regular TSH monitoring are needed to establish the proper dosage.

As a rule, T4 Levothyroxine shall be taken on an empty stomach at least an hour (but better more hours) before a meal. This is especially valid if the drug is taken in the morning, as breakfast often includes dairy products, which do not go well with this medicine. That is why often a bedtime dosing is preferred by athletes and bodybuilders. The most common cause of elevated TSH levels in people that take the right doses of T4 Levothyroxine is the poor compliance in taking this medicine.

T4 Levothyroxine side effects

T4 Levothyroxine side effects are usually associated and the result of incorrect dosages. In case the TSH values are suppressed for a long period of time, this can decrease the density of the bone mineral and the cardiac side effects. At the same time, higher doses of T4 Levothyroxine can cause hyperthyroidism.

T4 Levothyroxine overdose results in confusion and insomnia, abdominal pain and nausea, increased appetite or weight loss. Some bodybuilders and athletes taking T4 Levothyroxine can experience allergic reactions including difficulty breathing or shortness of breath, as well as swelling of the face and tongue.

A severe T4 Levothyroxine overdose can cause heart failure, adrenal insufficiency, fever and even coma. Thus, in general, the mass overdose can be life-threatening. Such overdose effects can appear from 6 hours to 10-11 days after ingestion. However, when T4 Levothyroxine is bought from a reputable trader and when used properly, the athletes and bodybuilders should expect no side effects.

T4 Levothyroxine weight loss results

The thyroid hormones are great for fat burning and that is why T4 Levothyroxine is used by many athletes and bodybuilders who want to achieve great weight loss results before a competition without being on a diet. The recommended dosing for them would be up to 100 mcg per day of T4 Levothyroxine.

The medication usually comes in bottles with tablets of 25 mcgs. The bodybuilders use this medication for many reasons, mainly because it is an excellent burner of fat since it increases their metabolism while being used. This allows them to be not that harsh on themselves going on a diet, when they are about to go on a contest. When T4 Levothyroxine is being taken with Clenbuterol, for example, this leads to the best fat-burning results. Further to that T4 Levothyroxine increases the effect of the steroids as it helps the synthesis of the proteins.

However, it should be said that people need to be careful when they start using T4 Levothyroxine. Athletes and bodybuilders should always start with the low possible dosage of 25 mcg and slightly increase it by one tab or 25 mgc per day on every 5-6 days until they reach the allowed dosage of 100 mcg per day. During the days they take 1000 mcg, athletes and bodybuilders should divide the intake evenly across the day.

The medication has to be cycled down in the same way and as a rule, it should not be taken for longer than 5 weeks at a time. Once the cycle is done, the athletes and bodybuilders should get a break of at least 8 weeks before they do this cycle again in order to allow the thyroid to start functioning normal again.

Is T4 Levothyroxine safe?

T4 Levothyroxine is being used to treat cases of hypothyroidism, where these patients usually need thyroid hormone therapy throughout their lives. The older people that have ischemic heart diseases should not do the T4 Levothyroxine therapy at the full dosage. The thyroid hormone increases the oxygen demand of the heart by increasing the heart rate, the higher doses can cause abnormal heart rhythm or coronary syndrome.

The pregnant women can take T4 Levothyroxine as there is no increased risk of congenital abnormalities. The medicine can also be taken by children with hypothyroidism, aiming the preservation of normal physical and intellectual development. Bodybuilders and athletes can also take the T4 Levothyroxine aiming fat burning and fast metabolism, if they follow the proper doses and periods.

Where to buy T4 Levothyroxine online?

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How to pay for T4 Levothyroxine?

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Consult with your doctor before taking T4 Levothyroxine

T4 Levothyroxine is a pharmaceutical product, which is officially produced and prescribed. It is a drug of excellent reputation thanks to its good results. Even so, those people – including the athletes and bodybuilders, who wish to take the T4 Levothyroxine should always consult with a doctor before taking it. For best results possible, T4 Levothyroxine should be taken according to the prescribed dosage and cycle period.

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