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Emily Farley

Emily Grace FarleyEmily Grace Farley
Born:  September, 2010

Emily Grace Farley
9/22/10 to 2/27/11

Dear Emily,

When I first found that I was having twins, you were my precious surprise. God had blessed me with not one but two babies. I was in shock, terrified but so excited to meet you. You were the quiet one in my belly. Your brother kicked and turned constantly. But you laid still and sweet, waiting to make your debut. When you were born you were the most beautiful baby I’d ever seen. You had lots of black hair, a perfect nose, gorgeous lips and you were so petite. Already just a little lady. We brought you home and you were the perfect baby. Only crying to either tell us you were hungry or needed a fresh diaper. This all quickly changed when you discovered your voice. You started babbling and cooing as if you had so much to say. You would flare your little nostrils as if our conversation was so intense.

You and Adam didn’t get along much early on. I think you thought you were an only child and this little boy was just there to annoy you. He would just stare at you in awe while you could care less, you were the little princess and you knew it. Then came the yelling. Not crying, not whining, just yelling. You wanted everyone to know, “EMILY IS HERE!” You quickly put on your baby weight and became my chunky monkey. Rolls among rolls. You were so adorable! You were never sick, no stuffy or snotty nose. You were the perfect healthy baby. Unfortunately, God decided he needed my little cherub to be an angel in heaven. Five months was too soon.

We will never understand God’s reason for taking you. But I do know you are happy and loved there in heaven just as you were here on earth. Thank you for being so sweet, smiley and full of life. You will never be forgotten and always missed. Thank you for loving me and changing me in ways no one else could. Thank you for defining for me the true meaning of love, selflessness, and sacrifice.

I love you baby girl,


– Christy Farley

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