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If You're Bereaved

The CJ Foundation offers bereavement materials and resources to help you and your family cope with your loss.

We understand that the pain of a sudden unexpected infant death, including SIDS, is overwhelming and at times seems unbearable. The CJ Foundation offers bereavement materials and resources to help you and your family cope with your loss. We invite you to browse the links below for a number of immediate resources designed to address many of the difficult situations you may be facing.

Request Bereavement Materials

Receive a free packet from us in the mail

If you would like the CJ Foundation to send you a free bereavement packet, including the book, SIDS and Infant Death Survival Guide, please fill out our Bereavement Packet Request Form by clicking the link below. We can also help you find bereavement services in your area so if you are interested, please do not hesitate to ask.

Note For Stillbirth/Miscarriage Families

Our bereavement packet is specifically suited for families grieving from SIDS/SUID events, and we feel there are better resources available for families/parents having experienced a Stillbirth/Miscarriage than what we have to offer. Please visit the links below for information/support regarding Stillbirth/Miscarriage bereavement.

Online Parent-to-Parent Support Group

Participate in a moderated parent-to-parent support group

If you have suffered the sudden and unexpected loss of an infant, we would like to invite you to join our parent-to-parent online support group. The group will be moderated by a social worker to ensure a safe and supportive environment, and there is no cost to join. Please call 551-996-5320 or email Jackie at This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it

Group Support

A list of organizations offering grief support and bereavement services

Reading Materials

A short list of recommended readings

The SIDS Center at Georgetown University has just finished building an online catalogue for recommended childrens books on grief and bereavement. This resource comes highly recommended in addition to the listed readings below.

Browse the online catalogue

For other grief resources, visit The Centering Corporation, a non-profit organization dedicated to providing education and resources for the bereaved.


Highly Recommended 
SIDS and Infant Death Survival Guide: Information and Comfort for Grieving Family and Friends and Professionals Who Seek to Help Them. Third edition.
Horchler JN, Rice R. 
Cheverly, MD: SIDS Educational Services. 2003. 320 p.

Full Description


Empty Cradle, Broken Heart
Davis D. 
Fulcrum Publishing; Revised & enlarged edition (1996)
Full Description

not_just_another_day_50x78.jpg Not Just Another Day: Families, Grief and Special Days.

Throckmorton ML.
Omaha, NE: Centering Corporation. 2003. 16 p.
Full Description

flying-hugs-and-kisses.jpg Flying Hugs and Kisses

Sample J.
Stillwater, OK: Newforums Press. 2010. 40 p.
Full Description


Creating a New Normal...After the Death of a Child
Fox S.
Bloomington, IN: iUniverse. 2010. 308 p.
Full Description


How To Request An Autopsy Report

The following document was designed to assist you in recovering the final diagnosis of your baby's death as well as a copy of the autopsy report

Medical Testing For Inherited Disorders

The CJ Foundation offers this information as a starting point for discussions with your personal doctor. It is not meant to be sufficient for all families who have suffered an unexplained death

When faced with the loss of a child due to a sudden and/or unexplained death, parents oftentimes wonder if they should have other family members tested for potentially causal medical conditions. While there is no simple answer to provide, we have prepared a document under the guidance of clinical experts to assist families in gathering information to present to their own family physician(s).

Other Resources Available for Download

Click the links below to download PDF versions of the listed bereavement resources for families coping with sids, suid, sudc, or sudden and unexpected infant death

Grief & Bereavement If You're Bereaved