Dedicated to eliminating the tragedy of sudden infant deaths

How to Get Involved


One of the most popular ways to contribute is to place a secure online donation. In addition to credit cards, we also offer secure donation options through PayPal.


Find and participate in events to support the cause: races, fundraisers, and more.

Join Team CJ

By joining Team CJ, any individual can create their very own website capable of accepting donations, all with the click of a few buttons. Whether your're running a marathon, selling baked goods, or performing at a local music venue, Team CJ has all the resources you need to make your event memorable and successful!

Political Advocacy

Contact your political representatives and advocate for the passage of important SIDS legislation.

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Stay In Touch

One of the easiest, most fun, and interesting ways for anyone to support us is to follow us on our social networking sites. Your active involvement on these sites allows us to better understand your primary concerns and address your needs more effectively. Registration for these sites (if required at all) is fast and free, and you don't even have to get out of your chair!



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