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Letter from the President

FALL 2015

Dear Reader,

If you have received this latest bulletin from the CJ Foundation then you are a donor or somehow connected to the cause. Thank you for your continued support in 2015!

We have had more requests this year for scientific/clinical research and support service grants than in previous years. The CJ Foundation works closely with NICHD in our vetting process for our funded research projects. These projects have been highly rated and have passed very strict standards to be chosen for funding. Our support service grants are awarded to deserving projects in states with the highest SIDS and SUID rates and innovative projects.

In late September this year the CJ Foundation had our first Strategic Planning meeting in many years. A unanimous decision amongst all present was to focus on baby wellness moving forward in the future. You will begin to see more information from us about safe pregnancy and overall infant and baby safety and wellness. Our core focus will always be SIDS, while there is so much conversation regarding safe sleep, there are still babies dying in pristine surroundings. The CJ Foundation will remain true to our cause of funding cutting edge SIDS research always.

The CJ Foundation is still the only private organization that funds research and support services for SIDS/SUID. Every penny of your donation is so appreciated, without your contributions there would be no CJ Foundation.

Susan Hollander President and Executive Director,
The CJ Foundation

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