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The CJ Foundation is coming upon its 23rd anniversary this February. Our darling daughter Carly Jenna would have been 24 years old this past November.

 If you follow us on Facebook, you see posts about events benefitting the CJ Foundation. Most, but not all, are held by parents who have lost a baby to SIDS or SUID. This is the way they chose to honor their baby but it's not the only way.

 According to ACOG (American Congress of Obstetricians and Gynecologists), between 14-23% of women will struggle with some symptoms of depression during their pregnancy.

Another school year is upon us. For many, the first day of school is a milestone to be celebrated. But for those who have experienced the death of a child, it can be a heartbreaking reminder of what should have been. You can’t get away from the school supplies, back to school clothing sales, school buses, and photos on social media of other people's children on their first day.  So how do you get through it?

Infant Safe Sleep and SIDS Risk Reduction are more than sleep position. It’s not only about how your baby sleeps but where your baby sleeps. Hand-me down cribs or those bought at second-hand stores may not meet the current safety requirements and could be dangerous. We’ve put together some suggestions about choosing a crib and recommendations for using it safely.

It goes without saying that children grieve differently then adults. However, how do you help a child when they have lost a sibling?

I often hear about the grief model that suggests going through stages with the end being acceptance. I’m sure you’ve heard people talk about “closure.” What if healthy grieving didn’t involve closure?

Learn more about six important ways yoga can make a positive difference in your pregnancy.

There has been much controversy surrounding infants and vaccinations. However, vaccinations during pregnancy are vital for you and your baby’s health. They are needed to protect against many diseases.

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