Dedicated to eliminating the tragedy of sudden infant deaths

Our Mission/Vision

The CJ Foundation is the leading national non-profit dedicated to research and education that supports baby wellness. Our priority is the health and survival of all babies through their first year of life. The Foundation provides a supportive environment for grieving families who have suffered a loss. Through research and education we strive to eliminate the tragedy of SIDS and SUID.

The CJ Foundation:

  • Operates an ethical, effective, competitive grant program, which advances the field
  • Distributes no and low-cost quality, up-to-date educational materials to childcare providers, healthcare professionals, educators, and others who take care of babies
  • Educates parents and families and provides accurate, relevant, current information
  • Leads advocacy efforts
    • Assists families to participate at the federal level
    • Guides families in local advocacy efforts
  • Fosters open communication with and is a resource for medical examiners, coroners, first responders and law enforcement
  • Provides compassionate bereavement support and/or resources for families in need
  • Facilitates and provides thought leadership at a national level
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